LBArchitecture and Real Estate Services LLC



Architectural Design

  • Design Charrettes
  • Project Analysis and Programming
  • Full Design and Space Planning for Ground-up Construction.
  • Land Maximization Analysis 
  • Renovation/Remodel.
  • Conceptual Studies for feasibility analysis.
  • Limited Hourly Consultation Services available to help you through the "Sticky Parts" of the Project.
  • Building Code review and Permit

Architectural Graphics

  •  Marketing Collateral Material.
  • 3D modeling from concept to final rendering.
  • Photo-montage (i.e. new building inserted into an existing site on aerial view, elevation or street view).
  • Building shadowing studies, sun impact on the building on different seasons.
  • 3D Topographic Visualization.
  • View angles, potential problems and advantages.
  • Photo realistic renderings with V-Ray

Permit Expediting

  • Research on zoning, codes, and planning
  • Coordination with plan reviewers, clients, and building officials
  • Review of construction drawings and other documents to ensure that they follow city code requirements
  • Analysis of proposed project materials to determine if they are acceptable according to jurisdiction requirements
  • Meeting with city officials to complete pre-submittal reviews
  • Negotiation of expedited process to receiving an RTI (ready-to-issue)